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Direct Mail Print and Fulfillment

Printech (Europe) offer complete direct marketing campaign management. We'll de-dupe and cleanse your data, personalise and print materials, fulfil and post using the most cost-effective method.

In a digital age it’s easy to forget the power of a well designed, personalised piece of marketing print, targeted directly into the hands of your customer or prospect. Printech (Europe) have many years experience managing large-scale direct marketing campaigns.

We’ll cleanse and de-dupe your data, source or print your items, mail-merge and personalise your envelopes or carrier sheets, fulfil your items and deliver them using the most cost effective Royal Mail or ‘down-stream access’ service – we can also hand deliver them door-to-door if required.

Advances in print technology mean that personalisation does not only apply to covering letters, cover sheets and envelopes. Inserts, brochures, posters, leaflets, postcards, certificates and invitations can also be tailored to each individual name on your database.

We are also able to combine targeted magazine covers together with litho printed “common” magazine innards.


If you have a printing project you would like to discuss, call 01245 506066.
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