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Case Bound Book


Our client contacted Printech (Europe) for advice on printing a case bound book to present the work of one of the artists he represents. The job required a number of different print processes. Printech worked with the client to choose a paper stock for the text pages, cover and dust jacket, that would translate the artists beautiful work onto the printed page.  The book was thread sewn and yellow head and tail bands applied to the spine for a durable, quality finish. A dust jacket, printed on luxury silk stock was then applied to the book to protect the orange case cover within.  The case cover was printed with a gold foil to highlight the title and artist and the green ‘endpapers’ glued in place to provide a great-looking end product.  

Printing: 296pp text pages 4, colour process. Jacket 4 colour process one side. Foiled cover.
Material: Case Cover – 170gsm, Balatax Imperial. Text - 170 gsm silk. End papers - 150gsm Wild range, colour wild green. Jacket – 170gsm white silk.
Finishing: Foil one color with 1 die [approx. 40% coverage]. Case cover mounted over grey board, fold text, gather, thread sew, affix endpapers, attach dust cover, case bind, head and tail bands.
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